Live. Love. Local.

We're all about memorable experiences here at Ozark Country Market.  Here are a few of our favorites........

I want one of each honey!!
Beards & baseball tees...mmmm
Butterfly Flutter By
Furniture & flowers- perfection!
Watering Wear by Landon
First Family Market Photo
Yes, I am planting all these!
Beautiful Flower Girls
Carts are for Kids, not Plants Mom!
Lovin' the Sunshine!
Keep Shopping Dear
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"Howdy Ya'll!  Kathy Brown, your Ozark Mountain Girl here!  I want to personally welcome each of you to our website, and to invite you to visit us in the hidden gem known as Heber Spings!  We're #1 on trip advisor here at your magical little market on top of a mountain-  full of people & products that will make you smile!  It's really that simple!  That's the secret:  It's So Simple. Sooo Good." 

2016, Created by Kathy Brown, your Ozark Mountain Girl

Watering Wear by Landon